Provide Support to Workflow Projects

If you are considering a significant improvement project, we can work with you to ensure that your objectives are clear, your plan is solid, your technology choices are appropriate and the right people are on the team. That’s half the battle right there.

Then during the course of the project we can advise the project team, monitor progress and suggest adjustments. The improvements themselves should be implemented by members of the affected team (rather than outsiders) or they won’t stick, but we can backstop the project from beginning to end.

Extensive Experience

Tony began managing projects more than thirty years ago, and he has used those skills repeatedly in his business career. Projects Tony has led have consistently come in on time and within budget.

Tony brings leadership and a frank style to a project, and has a firm but open and conducive way of leading and facilitating that will bring people together in a team.”

Jay Cousins, Analyst/Consultant, RivCom Ltd.

During his career Tony served as:

Chief Operating Officer, CSW North America Inc.
Chief Technology Officer, Caredata Solutions Inc.
Director of Internal Systems Development, GoAmerica Communications Inc.
VP, Software Development, Riverside Software Inc.
Chair, Technical Working Group, AdsML Consortium