What goes wrong?

There are many reasons for inefficient workflows. Some of the most common ones that I encounter are:

There isn’t a consistent approach. No workflow has been defined for an important type of business event, possibly because it only occurs occasionally. Therefore each member of the team handles it a bit differently, leading to overlooked tasks and failed handovers.
The steps in a workflow are inherently inefficient, but because everyone is so busy (and “it’s always been done this way”) no one noticed.
The workflow is not well supported by the team’s software. Tasks are being done

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What is a Workflow?

When I first started working with workflows, I read a number of books and articles on the subject, each of which defined the term differently. (The same is true of its big sibling, “Business Process”.) So I thought it would be helpful to provide a short explanation of what I mean by “workflow”, and the role workflows play in a typical organization. This is neither the most rigorous nor the most complete definition available, but I find that it works well:

A workflow is a repeatable set of actions that occurs in response to a particular type event, in order to

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