The Right Tools for the Job

Developing software is expensive and should only be done when there is a clear business case.

In the past we designed and built many large software systems,  but that is not what we do today. When new software is required, we prefer to use scalpel-like tools to develop smaller, more targeted mini systems – smart data entry forms and reports – that allow our customers to solve problems and improve workflows without the overhead of a substantial IT project.

Some of our preferred software tools are:

Microsoft InfoPath for rapid development of smart data entry and retrieval forms.

  • Enables us to prototype a sophisticated data entry form extremely quickly
  • Supports complex logic to connect with systems such as Goldmine or QuickBooks, replacing multiple manual steps with a single operation
  • Fits well in even the most distributed environment

Microsoft Sharepoint, VB.Net, SQL Server, Crystal Reports and the .Net Framework

  • Extremely powerful tools that work well together.
  • Can easily automate Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel, and interact with other Windows-based software including Goldmine and QuickBooks.


  • A free, open-source platform for building interactive websites
  • WordPress sites can easily be maintained by non-technical personnel
  • Suitable for clients who prefer a non-Microsoft solution in this area


  • Our staff includes Goldmine experts who know every nook and cranny of this CRM application.

FoxPro and Visual FoxPro

  • We have years of experience writing and maintaining FoxPro applications, and it is still our tool of choice in certain situations.

We are also ready to consult with you on other software packages that may meet your needs.

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