Improve Your Operations

Are you having trouble growing your organization within a limited budget?

Do jobs and projects take longer than they should?

Are staff members losing time re-entering data in multiple places?

Do you miss opportunities because critical information fails to reach the right people?

These are common symptoms of operational inefficiencies: bottlenecks and gaps that reduce your effectiveness and limit profitability.

We help small and mid-size organizations identify inefficiencies, improve systems, accelerate workflows and become more profitable, without requiring a major investment in new software. We focus on the intersection between operations and technology, smoothing out workflows and making sure they are fully aligned with, and supported by, your existing IT systems. It’s like having the benefit of a part-time COO and CTO backed up by a cutting edge development team whose philosophy and services are specifically geared to smaller organizations.

“Most consultants like to talk and then tell you what to do. RivCom listens.”

New Media Director, The Advocate Newspaper and WBRZ


Our services include:

Reviewing your existing workflows and software

Proposing improvements that will save time and money

Reconfiguring your software applications to make better use of them

Developing targeted new mini applications to plug any gaps (when appropriate)

Supporting workflow improvement projects to ensure their success

We have more than 20 years of experience and excellent references from a wide range of clients.

See the case study of the Maxons Job Intake Form for an example of the benefits we can achieve, even within a limited budget.

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Are jobs and projects taking longer than they should?